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Tasavvur Fragrances for Men WINNER (Invictus)


Winner inspired by Invictus is an Eau de perfume for men that is sporty and masculine with fresh citrusy notes, warm woody undertones and a hint of fresh jasmine. Marine accords add to the fresh clean aroma of this fragrance. It is energizing, long lasting and is the perfect fragrance for active, outdoorsy men. It also represents the scent of victory and the essence of heroes. Power, courage and victory distilled into a daring smash-up of freshness and heat making it ecstatically addictive. The Invictus fragrance is a clash of forces that nothing (and noone) can resist.

Notes :
Sea Notes, Sea Salt and Grapefruit, Bay Leaf, marine, aromatic, fresh spicy, salty, warm spicy, aquatic, amber, camphor, Geranium, Spices, Red Amber and Guaiac Wood.

ML : 50 ML

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