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Tasavvur Fragrances for Women PARADISE (Black Orchid)

Paradise is a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance. This scent is a blend of rich, dark notes including black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant, and bergamot. It also features hints of patchouli, sandalwood, and dark chocolate, as well as a base of vanilla and vetiver. The combination of these notes creates a unique and mysterious fragrance that is both floral and woody. Paradise is a long-lasting scent and has become a classic among fragrance lovers.

Notes :
Truffle, Gardenia, Black Currant, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Amalfi Lemon, Orchid, Spices, Gardenia, Fruity Notes, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Lotus, Mexican chocolate, Patchouli, Vanille, Incense, Amber, Sandalwood, Vetiver and White Musk.

ML : 50 ML
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